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WhatBench is the UpWork of the professional consultancy community. When large consulting firms aren’t booked at 100%, the consultants who are available are considered ‘on-the-bench’. WhatBench aims to eliminate ‘benched’ consultants by creating a marketplace where subscribing firms can post consultant profiles, skills, rates and availability. Companies benefit from discounted rates and the freedom to search for a perfect match. Consulting firms benefit by reducing their average percentage of benched players.


We engaged with the client on a complete branding strategy, including name consultation, target market and persona development, logo and collateral design and social media cover art. Next we embarked on the website marketplace project. We designed a website where Companies can easily search the marketplace for consultants who are readily available at a moments notice with a plethora of filters to help them quickly identify consultants that are a great fit. Users are able to save their favorite firms and individual consultants or reach out to them directly through their account on the site. Consultants are able to build out their professional profiles and even record a video introduction.