Branding & Logo Design / Copywriting / Product Packaging

& Label Design / Website UX Design / Product Photography


This client had launched a pilot brand of super efficacious skin lifting products in the UK with good traction, but was finding it difficult to break through the clutter as a standout beauty brand. They wanted to officially launch their products in the US after seeing some initial success the UK, but desired an edgier approach that would get them noticed and speak to their unique brand ethos.


We created brand strategy and guidelines, including consultation on new brand name options that would be eye-catching and provoke curiosity. We conducted focus groups to test their effectiveness with the name UpYours emerging as a clear winner for name, ‘battle cry’ and ethos match. Next we crafted a tagline, followed by prestige custom packaging designs, website design, copy development, full service photoshoots and launch party.

Brand Naming & Logo Design

Website UX/UI Design & Development

Mockups of products

ChinUP Starter Set Product Design

GIFs of step by step process

Photoshoot with models